Enjoy Dry January with Alcohol-Free Drinks at Woodland Manor

If you’ve been participating in Dry January, then you’ll be just over halfway through a drink-free start to the year.

Cutting out anything we’re accustomed to consuming for a month can be tough, so, if you’re wavering in your commitment, we’re here to help. In this post we take a look at a few of the fantastic benefits associated with Dry January and cast an eye over some of the delicious non-alcoholic options we offer at Woodland Manor.

Benefits of Dry January

  • Reset Your Habits – it’s common to overindulge during December and relax some of the rules we’ve maintained over the previous 11 months. Dry January is a chance to reset our habits and rein in any excesses we may have got used to.
  • Less Drinking Long-Term – Dry January helps us to reduce our alcohol intake during the first month of the year. This short-term change can have long-term effects too, with 64% of Dry January participants drinking less alcohol even 6 months after it has finished.
  • Improved Sleep – a drink can make it easier to get your head down at night, but sleep after alcohol is often less restorative than drifting off naturally. Dry January can help you benefit from better sleep during the night and more energy during the day.
  • No Hangovers – the morning after a night of heavy drinking is invariably dominated by the inevitable hangover. There are many proposed cures for this unpleasant side effect but only one works every time: not drinking in the first place! Going dry for January will allow you to spend your mornings however you like, whether it’s enjoying delicious afternoon tea at Woodland Manor or taking a peaceful stroll around nearby Bedford town centre – you could even do both.
  • A Sense of Achievement – by the end of the month, you should have a real sense of achievement having set yourself a goal and completed it. Given the price of alcohol these days, you will have also saved yourself quite a bit of money!


To help make Dry January not just bearable but enjoyable, treat yourself to one of the delicious non-alcoholic offerings at Woodland Manor. Options include soft drinks, hot drinks and fruit juices. We’ve also got botanically brewed beverages from Fentimans, Schweppes mixers and, of course, good old mineral water. And if you’d like a genuine taste of larger without the alcohol, we even have Becks 0%.

So, if you’re tempted to pack Dry January in – don’t quit now. And if you’ve not yet started, it’s never too late!

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