Wedding Cost Breakdown – How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

The size of your wedding budget obviously depends entirely on you. You can choose to spend as much or as little as you want. On average however, couples shell out around £16,000 tying the knot – this is according to wedding website So to give you an idea of some of the major costs involved, and to see how an average budget is divided up, we’ve created a wedding cost breakdown below. We’ve also included a few money saving tips so that you can stretch your budget as far as possible.

Please note: our wedding cost breakdown does not include expenditure for wedding rings or honeymoons.

The Venue: 30% of Budget

As the backdrop to your big day, this is perhaps the most important investment you will make; and probably one of the biggest. Venues themselves often have lots of running costs, such as upkeep and staff, they’re also in high demand. These are factors that push prices up for couples. The average cost of a wedding venue is between £4,000 and £6,000.

Cost cutting tip: certain dates, such as summer bank holidays, are in higher demand than others. If you’re not picky about when you get married, you can help to reduce costs by choosing a less popular date or time of year.

scene at a country house wedding venue
Wedding Day at Woodland Manor.

Catering & Drinks: 25%

Providing your guests with a mouth-watering menu can be expensive: around £4,000 on average. And you can add another £1,500 for drinks. However, the good news is that what you spend on food and drink will depend almost entirely on the number of people you invite.

Cost cutting tip: in addition to reducing your guest list, you can help to cut costs by choosing a venue, like Woodland Manor, that offers catering. This is often far cheaper than finding a third party to provide the service.

Woodland Manor is a wedding venue in Bedfordshire
At Woodland Manor, we offer a first-class catering service.

Entertainment: 12%

Entertainment helps your guests to get into the swing of things at the wedding reception. Most couples go for music at their party, while fun photo booths and magicians are also popular options. The average cost of entertainment totals around £1,800.

Cost cutting tip: holding your wedding at a venue that is available for both ceremonies and receptions can help to make things cheaper – as well as making logistics much simpler. It’s also worth noting that DJs are generally cheaper than bands.

Photographer: 6%

Once the festivities are over, photographs provide you with beautiful images to transport you back to your special day. Capturing the atmosphere and joy of a wedding in a picture is a real art, and there’s a lot of unseen work that goes into wedding photography both before and after the event. All this means that couples spend an average of at least £1,000 on their photographer.

Cost cutting tip: when it comes to wedding photographers, you have plenty of options, so it’s worth shopping around for a good deal. If you’re looking for a local photographer, check out our Bedfordshire wedding suppliers page.

The Dress: 6%

The bride’s dress is one of the most iconic images of any wedding, and the cost of the once in a lifetime garment reflects its importance. A bride can expect to shell out around £1,000.

Cost cutting tip: if a bespoke dress doesn’t fit your budget, opt for a high street equivalent; the variety and quality of options might surprise you. You can then get this design altered to your needs by a tailor – this should work out much cheaper than having a dress made from scratch.

Other Major Costs: 15%

  • Flowers and decoration: £1,000
  • Contigency fund: £1,000
  • Transport: £500
  • Groom attire: £500
  • Wedding cake: £400

Get a Wedding Cost Breakdown from Woodland Manor

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