Woodland Manor Hotel x SSG Services

Woodland Manor Hotel x SSG Services

After our recent partnership with SSG Services, Woodland Manor Hotel now hosts a range of corporate team building events. Our goal is to provide the venue for your team to build the relationships necessary to excel in all walks of life.

The SSG ‘adventure at the manor’ experience guarantees to empower participation through fun and inclusive activities. They inspire engagement through realistic challenges and build individual and team development through experiencing achievements.

This multi dimension programme allows customers to select what activities they want to include in the matrix of adventure and challenge to make each customer’s experience uniquely amazing and impactful.

Everyone at Woodland Manor Hotel is very excited to see what this partnerships holds in 2023 and we look forward to hosting some Bedfordshire businesses soon!

If you would like to learn more about our ‘adventure at the manor’ package with SSG, please click through to the link below!


Why is Corporate Team Building Beneficial?

If your thinking about booking a team building event in Bedford for your business, you may be wondering about what you will get out of the day… Below we have listed just a few reasons why team building and away days are so important and beneficial to both companies and employees. 

Builds trust

Building healthy team relationships starts with trust. Your employees across various departments need to know they can trust one another to progress their relationships. If you’re looking to build a high performing team, each individual needs to know they can physically and metaphorically fall back on each other. Team building exercises allow for people to lower their guard and feel vulnerable around their colleagues, which as a result, builds trust that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

Improves communication

Communication is one of the biggest aspects that lead to a business being successful or not. Working as a team and effectively sharing ideas and opinions is essential to reaching a desired outcome. Certain team building activities require colleagues to break off into small groups, strategize, hold discussions to achieve the task at hand. Everyone needs to come together and work as one, which can be transferred from the team building event to your daily business activities.

Increases productivity 

We often notice during these events that when teams have to share the workload, their productivity drastically increases. When one person completes their task, they quickly look to help another member of the team complete theirs, which allows the desired outcome to be reached quicker. This transfers to the workplace and you can see a rise in overall performance and efficiency.

Build relationships 

It is important to have good relationships with the people you work with. After all, you do often end up spending more time with them than you do the people in your own household! Improving interpersonal relationships between colleagues makes people feel more comfortable at work and content in their day to day life.

Resolve tension 

You are always going to get disagreements and tension in the workplace. Team building events can soften those pre existing relationships and resolve the conflicts in an enjoyable fashion. Turning office anger into a constructive and valuable lesson for both sides.

Acquire new skills

Our team building events allow for every member of your staff to develop new skills that can be transferred to the business environment. Whether it’s communication, strategy, critical thinking or leadership, your team will be able to sharpen their skills in a more casual and fun environment.

Unlock potential 

Finding hidden gems is common when doing a team building event! Quiet “Darren” from HR turns out to be a future leader of his department… Leaders often arise from the team building activities and you can then nurture their talent or keep them in mind for internal promotions.


Book your Team Building day today 

If you are a Bedfordshire based business looking for a company to organize and run your team building day, get in touch with our partners at SSG. Woodland Manor Hotel exclusively holds their corporate team building events on our beautiful grounds. You can get in touch with them by calling 01234 340782 or drop them an email on info@ssgservices.co.uk

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