The Best Rural Escape In Bedfordshire

The Best Rural Escape In Bedfordshire

Are you looking for a getaway in the countryside? Reclaim the time and space you need with a break at Woodland Manor Hotel. You’ll love the classic features and styling of our 1800’s manor and you can enjoy the views of our manicured grounds. Each of our beautiful bedrooms offer the essence of elegance yet relaxed refinement. 

From breathtaking landscapes to warm hospitality, life at Woodland Manor Hotel is a refreshing change of pace. Come and explore the beauty and charm of rural living. 

We are rated as the best rural getaway location in the whole of Bedfordshire… Get in touch with our team today to book your rural escape in today!

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Why book a rural escape at Woodland Manor Hotel

Reset & recharge

Creating the space to fully reset and recharge has never been more important than in the modern day. At Woodland Manor Hotel you can focus solely on self care and relaxation. Give yourself the quiet space you need to collect your thoughts and recharge before the busy summer ahead of you. 

Be in nature

Spending time in nature is fantastic for your health. At Woodland Manor Hotel, you have 4 acres of land to explore and lots of glorious, countryside walks in the local area of Clapham, Bedfordshire. Escape your worries and anxieties by taking a proper break from life’s relentless pace by embracing the surrounding nature.


It may have been a while since you last done or booked in anything romantic with your partner… Being away from all the external noise provides you with one-on-one time to enjoy together. You may wait until a special occasion or you could just book a rural getaway on a weekend you both have off work! Either way, it doesn’t get much more romantic than an overnight stay in our 1800’s manor house.


Many people that book rural getaways with us at Woodland Manor Hotel are looking to get away from the complexities of their home life or jobs. Taking some time to relax and live the straight forward life is the perfect way to disconnect and be at peace. You will leave feeling fully refreshed and revitalized.

Escape your everyday

If you live in a town or city, there is something nice about escaping urban life, even if it is just for a weekend. With fewer people around, you will feel like you have more space to breathe and think, which can be helpful for recharging your batteries and reducing stress.

Book a rural escape in Bedfordshire today 

Woodland Manor Hotel now offers couples the chance to have a rural getaway in the Bedfordshire countryside. You can enquire today about the deals we currently have available and see what best suits your needs for your trip. Call us today on 01234 363281 or email today.


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